Developer documentation for Stargest SOAP API

Ressource : Customer


Allow you to get all informations about a stargest customer from his customer code .




Type Name Description
array stConnexion This is a structure
string sProductCode The product code


Type Name Description
string login The login provided see the get started Configuration
string API Key The Key provided see the get started Configuration



Type Name Description
array stProcessing This is a structure of the success/error process
array stDatas This is a structure that contains the data resulting from the query


Type Name Description
string sErrorMessage This is a structure
boolean bProcessed This is the result of the request traitement processing


Type Name Description
string sCustomerCode The customer code
string sDenomination The denomination
string sName The name of the compagny
string sResponsible The name of the responsible
string sEmail the email of the compagny
string sRebate The rate of rebate * NEW
string sDiscount the discount rate * NEW
string sMainAddress The headquarter address (billing address)
string sMainCity The headquarter city (billing address)
string sMainPostalCode The headquarter postal code (billing address)
string sMainPhone The headquarter phone
string sMainPortable The headquarter mobile phone
string sMainFax The headquarter fax
string sSiret The SIRET of the company
string sCountry the country label
string sIsoCountry the Iso country code
string sPriceNumber the price number affected to the customer
array stAddress List all the delivery address for the customer
array stContact List all the contact of the customer
array stAgents List all the agents affected to customer


Type Name Description
integer nIdAddress The ID address
string sName The name of the address
string sAddress The address
string sPostalCode The address postal code
string sCity The city name
string sCountry The address country
string sIso The iso address when available
string sCarrier The Transporter name


Type Name Description
string sAgentCode The agent code who represent the brand
string sAgentName The name of the agent
string sAddress The agent address
string sPhone The agent's phone
string sMobile The agent's mobile phone
string sPostalCode The agent's postal code
string sCity The city of the agent


Request Example SOAP and PHP


$wsdl = "";

$client = new \SoapClient($wsdl);

$args['stConnexion']['sLogin'] = "test";

$args['stConnexion']['sKey'] = "000";

$args['sCustomerCode'] = 'MyCustomerCode';

$return = $client->customer_info($args);

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