Developer documentation for Stargest SOAP API

Ressource : Order


Allow you to record an order in the Stargest backoffice .




Type Name Description
array stConnexion This is a structure
string sDeliveryAddressNumber The id of the delivery address number (optional) default : invoice address
string dDeliveryDate The delivery date of the order (optional) if each order row delivery date are fullfilled
string sClientCode The Client code
string sAgentCode The Agent code (optional) if client code is fullfilled
string sSeason The season code
string moShippingAmount The amount of the shipping
string sOrderID The unique code of the order
string sOrderReference Reference of the order
string sDepositCode the deposit code
string sSubClientCode sub customer code
string sTypeDeCommande order code 1 : Intial 2 : Restocking 3: Discount 4: Push
array taOrderLine This is a structure gathering all the products of the order


Type Name Description
string sGencod The gencod of the product
string rQty The quantity of the product ordered
string moPriceBrut The unit price of the product
string xDiscount The discount rate
string dDeliveryDate The delivery date of the product (optional) if the delivery date of the order is fulfilled


Type Name Description
string sLogin The login provided see the get started Configuration
string sKey The Key provided see the get started Configuration



Type Name Description
array stProcessing This is a structure of the success/error process
array stDatas This is a structure that contains the data resulting from the query


Type Name Description
string sErrorMessage This is a structure
boolean bProcessed This is the result of the request traitement processing


Type Name Description
string sDocumentNumber The document number recorded in Stargest


Request Example SOAP and PHP


$client = new \SoapClient($wsdl);

$args['stConnexion']['sLogin'] = "test";

$args['stConnexion']['sKey'] = "000";

$args['stOrder']['sOrderReference'] = 'MDFDSFGGD';

$args['stOrder']['sClientCode'] = 'SRA002';

$args['stOrder']['nDeliveryAddressNumber'] = '1';

$args['stOrder']['sAgentCode'] = '';

$args['stOrder']['dDeliveryDate'] = '2019-11-02';

$args['stOrder']['sSeason'] = 'E19';

$args['stOrder']['moShippingAmount'] = '20';

$args['stOrder']['sOrderID'] = 'CC5663';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][0]['sGencod'] = '9007000963558';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][0]['rQty'] = '3';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][0]['moPriceBrut'] = '56';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][0]['xDiscount'] = '0';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][0]['dDeliveryDate'] = '';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][1]['sGencod'] = '9007000963275';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][1]['rQty'] = '3';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][1]['moPriceBrut'] = '45';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][1]['xDiscount'] = '10';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][1]['dDeliveryDate'] = '';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][2]['sGencod'] = '9007000965903';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][2]['rQty'] = '3';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][2]['moPriceBrut'] = '96';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][2]['xDiscount'] = '5';

$args['stOrder']['taOrderLine'][2]['dDeliveryDate'] = '';

$return = $client->product_info($args);

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