Developer documentation for Stargest SOAP API

Ressource : Product list


Allow you to get all products available for BtoB shop .




Type Name Description
array stConnexion This is a structure
string sCollectionCode This is the code of the saison where are your products
boolean bDetail TRUE for have details of the product
string sCurrency This is an optional field to get retail price in stPrice with currency the amount of the price will be in taxe free for US. default is 'EUR' .


Type Name Description
string sLogin The login provided see the get started Configuration
string sKey The Key provided see the get started Configuration



Type Name Description
array stProcessing This is a structure of the success/error process
array stDatas This is a structure that contains the data resulting from the query


Type Name Description
string sErrorMessage This is a structure
boolean bProcessed This is the result of the request traitement processing


Type Name Description
string sProductCode The product code
string sDescription The product description
string sCollection The collection of the product
string sFamily The product family
string sSubfamily The Produc subFamily
string sBrand The product brand
string sSection The product section
string sCompositionCode The code composition
string sComposition The composition
string sComment The comment
string sComment2 The comment 2
string sComment3 The comment 3
string sComWeb The Web comment
string sPriceStm The basic price of starmag
string sWeight The weight's product
string sModifiedAt Last update date of the stock
string sCompositionCode The composition code
string sComposition The libelle composition
string sComment Comment from the commentaire1 of starmag back office
array (OPTIONAL) stDetail This is a structure that contains details of the product [stAttribut stPrice stPack]


Request Example SOAP and PHP


$client = new \SoapClient($wsdl);

$args['stConnexion']['sLogin'] = "test";

$args['stConnexion']['sKey'] = "000";

$return = $client->product_list($args);

These fields are optional !
These fields are new !